Screw conveyors

Screw feeders CCU, CCV and CCU/RP


The raceway screw feeder is highly recommended and very easy to be installed and as they almost need no upkeep; produced in set elements with max length 3.00 mt.

For special cases and applications please contact our technical office.


  • motordrive: gearmotor fixed to trough by suitable stand support. Transmission utilises chain drive
  • screw flight: metal tube with helical flighting
  • inlets and outlets: one is fixed on the top upper cover, the other one is fixed on the screw trough. They can be produced in different shapes and dimensions.
  • trough covers
  • end- beaings: with at long life seals
  • intermediate bearings: only in case of screw longer than 4.00 mt
  • screw trough: available in variable lengths

Augers series CCU/RP

Compared to conventional screw feeders, the auger CCU/RP offers these significant advantages:

  • the auger features a study, flexible spiral made of steel that turns to feed the material forward
  • the auger has no central shaft. This makes for increased capacity and enables it to handle twisted or coarse-sized material normally likely to cause obstructions. No supports are used so that material can flow unrestricted and the auger can be loaded up to full capacity with no fear to jam it
  • increased capacity means that the auger can be operate at lower speed, with reduced wear and improved balance
  • the spiral is supported on one end only and can operate in two modes, 'push' and 'pull'. The 'push' operating mode rules out the possibility that the outlet mouth will jam and material can be transferred straight into another auger oriented in a different direction or at an angle. This offers a significant advantage in terms of compact layout and reduced space requirement