The Company

Our mission

Development, Reliability, Support: these are the trademarks of FANSIDER, an engineering company whose main feature is the ability to respond to every single customer request, from the technical project, maintenance, up to after-sales service. Strengthened by a competent technical department that is able to answer to every client need, and supported by a wide technical expertise cultivated on the field, FANSIDER is able to provide the specific know-how in order to reach a total customer satisfaction.

Our history

FANSIDER was founded in 1974 in Maranello (MO), in the heart of the Sassuolo’ ceramic district. First, FANSIDER started with the intent to produce transport systems for the ceramics industry; then, since the early 80’s, it extended the scope of its activities to other sectors such as mining, metallurgic, foundry and milling industries, paint and cement factories. The consolidation of its corporate identity was created in purely national context through close collaboration with leading companies in the areas mentioned above.

In the early 90's, FANSIDER moved to the current headquarters in Spezzano di Fiorano (MO), in a wider structure of 2500 square meters. Due to a stronger know-how built-up day by day through the continued collaboration with different national and international staff, FANSIDER extended its market to the chemical and plastic industries, pharmaceutics, food industries, sludge, powder and air treatment, and it created machinery for various European, Middle East and around the world general contractors.

Over the years FANSIDER has been able to design specific systems in various fields, and it enriching its reference list with great Italian and International companies. What makes FANSIDER a privileged partner for these companies is the total synergy with the client, the constant availability in meeting the customer specific needs, the attention to detail for every single machine without losing reliability and assistance.

The great ability to answer to the most diverse technical questions makes FANSIDER the best choice to whom is interested to reliable solutions without failing stringent technical requirements. Our product poses FANSIDER beyond the limits of the standard in the metal industry market.

ISO 9001 Certified Company

According to Bureau Veritas Italia SpA, the FANSIDER’ Management System was audited and certified conform with the ISO 9001:2015 requirements. You can download the certificate here.

FANSIDER is able to offer ATEX products on request.